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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will you walk our dog for us?

A.  Yes, we take every dog for a walk in the morning.


Q.  When is the last time you take them out for a pee break!

A. Every night around 10:00 pm we take them out for one last quick break.


Q.  All the vaccinations are up to date except we forgot to get the Bordatella (Kennel Cough) vaccine.  Will you still accept him?

A.  Without all the proper vaccinations including Bordatella we will not be able to accept your dog.  This is for the safety of your dog as well as the other guests.


Q.  Will you let the dogs play together with other dogs?

A.  We do not let the dogs play with each other for safety and insurance reasons (unless they are sharing a kennel).  They will be able to socialize through the fence though.


Q.  Is there an outside space for the dogs to exercise?

A.  We have a couple of play yards where the dogs will rotate into throughout the day.  In addition to several Pee breaks, they will get at least 2 extended plays per day.


Q.  Do you  have an outside run attached to the kennels?

A.  Yes, Most of our kennels have an outside run attached where they can go in or out at their leisure.


Q.  Do you supply the food?

A.  We do suggest that you supply the food that your pet is used to.  If not we do have premium dog food that we will serve them.


Q.  What do we need to bring along with our dog?

A.  In addition to the food, please bring a copy of the vaccination records, his/her favorite blanket and perhaps a favorite toy. 




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